The Sick Horse

Farmer Gossman calls the vet and says, "My horse is very very sick. She's lying down and won't eat anything and is making strange noises."

The vet comes and looks over the horse and says "You're right - she certainly is ill - and she needs some very strong medicine."

He took a bottle out of his box, put two pills into his hand and said, "Give her these. The pills should make her better."

"How can I give them to her? She won't eat anything." the farmer asked.

The vet hands him a long tube and says "Put this tube in her mouth, then put the pills in the tube and blow. That'll take care of it."

The next day the vet came to the farm again to check up on things.

"How's your horse?" the vet asked.

"No change," the farmer said, "but I've been feeling very ill myself."

"Oh?" the vet said, "Why?"

"Well, I did what you said," the farmer answered. "I put the tube in the horse's mouth and then put the two pills down it - just like you said."

"And?" the vet asked.

"She blew first!"

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