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Movies For Christians
This site is my other ministry site that showcases movies that are worthwhile for Christians to see.

Simple Data Backup Software
This site allows you to download my free Simple Data Backup software for Windows. Other software I have developed including SSE Setup & TextMorph is available at

Christian Answers Network
A superb Christian website! Have a question? They've got a Biblically-based answer. This site has a large question and answer section and they also have an assortment of resources for every member of the family, including a great youth area. Movie and music reviews from a Christian perspective and online audio/video broadcasts are also major highlights. A top quality Christian site! Make sure you visit!

Joyce Meyer Ministries
Joyce has a very practical, down-to-earth style that is very refreshing to see. You can view or listen to numerous broadcasts of hers on the site. Enjoy! :)

Andrew Wommack Ministries
Andrew offers a LOT of free teaching where he walks you through the Scriptures step-by-step to make his points - and he offers MANY unique insights on things that just aren't commonly taught on. His teachings are a far cry from many of the standard Christian messages we've all heard a million times before - If nothing else, he will really stir you to really press into Jesus more and go deeper as you consider Scriptures in a way that you might not have previously. I don't agree with everything he says or believes, but I have gotten much good fruit from him. He's got loads of his t.v. broadcasts online - just click the year you want and go from there. One series that is particularly interesting is the first ones in 2011 called "Healing Journeys" which are actual healing testimonies that are nothing short of miraculous (real faith builders!). Some other series' that I've found particularly interesting/helpful include "Spirit, Soul & Body", "You've Already Got It", and "God Wants You Well".

Focus on the Family
This is another great top-notch Christian site devoted to Christianity and the family. Lots of good resources and a great ministry.

Peggies Place
This site is a really cool (and fun), old-style Christian website that has plenty of Christian resources and links. It takes you back to the web of the 1990's in its style and you know what? I kind of like that in this age where everything's about contemporary flash and style.

Sexual Sin Resources
With such an amount of dark and evil content on the Internet that is just waiting to lure Christians into harmful activities and with recent statistics showing that large numbers of Christians and pastors are addicted to pornography, I've compiled a list of helpful links which you can access by clicking on this link.

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