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If you are looking for information as to whether or not you can use a specific item you saw via Laugh & Lift for your own purposes, please note that I cannot give you any definitive answer on this and you will not find such information on this page.

Laugh & Lift is a "non-profit" ministry in the truest sense of the term in that no money is received for any Laugh & Lift service. Most of the items that appear on Laugh & Lift are to the best of my knowledge uncopyrighted, in the public domain, or copyrighted with usage permission granted. However, if (and only if) you are the author of something that appears on Laugh & Lift and you do not want it to, please contact me.

Also, a number of items do not have authors listed. This is because I don't know who they are. When I know the author, I include it with the item. If I don't know the author, I put "Author Unknown" or I leave it blank. If you are the author of an item and you have not been properly credited or you are someone who knows who the author of an item is that has not been properly credited, then please contact me.

My only goal with this site is to help people! I do not wish to do that though at the expense of irritation by authors. That is why I will take any message to me from an author of something that appears via Laugh & Lift, very seriously and I will give it the attention it deserves.

Thanks for reading this!

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